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- Optimize pain control.
- Improve the quality
  of life for our patients
  with chronic pain.

Making Appointments | Clinic Locations

Your First Appointment
New patients to either of our clinics must be referred by a health care provider. The physician's office must call to arrange the first appointment so that information regarding a patient's prior care can be obtained. Copies of all relevant medical records and tests (especially x-rays and MRI's) should be sent prior to the visit or with the patient.

Physician’s offices should schedule all initial appointments by calling the pain clinic at their patient’s preferred location:

Learn more about what to expect at Your First Visit to one of our clinics.

Additional Visits
Additional visits, if needed, will be scheduled at the clinic as you leave. If you are an established patient, you may call the clinic directly for return visits, for the same pain issue, for up to one year
from your first appointment without obtaining a new referral from your personal physician. If you have
a new/different pain problem, your referring physician must contact the Pain Clinic with a new referral.



LCA Pain Clinic Locations

LCA Pain Clinics can be found within dedicated spaces as a part of St. Luke's Spine Care at St. Luke's Hospital and the Mercy Pain Management Clinic at Mercy Medical Center, both in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

St. Luke's Hospital - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - LCA Pain Clinic location                  Mercy Medical Center - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - LCA Pain Clinic location

The LCA Pain Clinics at Mercy and St. Luke's are staffed daily by our physicians, nurses, therapists and support staff who are all specially trained in pain management. New patients are generally seen by a physician within a week and can be seen sooner at the request of the referring physician.

Our LCA Pain Clinics use a multidisciplinary approach to healing, which may include referrals to a surgeon, behavioral counselor, wellness coach, physical therapy, massage therapy, stress management or nutritional services, in addition to interventional treatments such as oral medications and injections.

All LCA Pain Clinic physicians see patients and
perform procedures at both Cedar Rapids facilities.

St. Luke's Spine Care
4th Floor above Cafeteria - (319) 369-8204
Map/Directions to St. Luke's Spine Care /LCA Pain Clinic

Mercy's Spine Center
Elevator "C" to 4th Level - (319) 398-6636
Map/Directions to Mercy's Spine Center / LCA Pain Clinic


Satellite Clinics

We also offer satellite LCA Pain Clinics at the Jones Regional Medical Center in Anamosa, Iowa,
and the Buchanan County Health Center in Independence, Iowa.

Jones Regional Medical Center - Anamosa, Iowa - LCA Pain Clinic location                  Buchanan County Health Center - Independence, Iowa - LCA Pain Clinic location

For more information about these clinics, please contact:
Jones Regional Medical Center - (319) 462-6131
Buchanan County Health Center - (319) 332-0999

Talk with your primary health care provider to find out if this
type of pain management care is appropriate for you and
to receive a referral to any of our LCA Pain Clinics.