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- Optimize pain control.
- Improve the quality
  of life for our patients
  with chronic pain.

Your First Visit

When your physician's office makes your first appointment, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire. It is important that you complete the questionnaire as thoroughly as possible prior to your appointment. Bring this completed form with you to your appointment.

LCA Pain Clinic - Cedar Rapids, IowaYour LCA Pain Clinic physician will spend time reviewing your questionnaire during your clinic visit. They will also review your medical history and past medical records, and conduct a physical examination. Your doctor may feel it is necessary to perform supplemental tests to better determine the cause of your pain. Once all information is reviewed, the diagnosis and treatment options will be discussed with you.

There are many treatment options. Frequently patients find relief from their pain from the injection of steroid or anesthetic drugs. Injections may be performed during initial visits (if warranted) but only if the patient has taken proper precautions prior to that appointment. Injections will only be performed if:


Patients are also encouraged to wear loose, comfortable clothing for appointments.

Please remember: not all patients are candidates for injection treatments and some require additional testing prior to treatment.


Additional Visits

Additional visits, if needed, will be scheduled at the clinic as you leave. If you are an established patient, you may call the clinic directly for return visits, for the same pain issue, for up to one year from your first appointment without obtaining a new referral from your personal physician. If you have a new/different pain problem, your referring physician must contact the Pain Clinic with a new referral.